2012 Great Smoky Motomarathon Begins Next Saturday

October 24th, 2012 12:20am - Posted By: Caty and John Metzger

The 2012 Great Smoky Motomarathon, Oct. 27-30, starts this Saturday and Routemaster Wayne Busch, of America Rides Maps, is hard at work finalizing the routes with an eye for challenging twisties, cool scenery and tasty eats to make the most of our four days of riding the best paved roads in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

There are three "S" words to think about while preparing for this weekend's riding. The first "S" is for strenunous. As always, Motomarathons are designed for experienced riders who have stamina for long-distance, endurance sport-touring with full days of riding through technical, twisty paved terrain.


The second "S" word is for safety. Watch your speed and fatigue. There are no awards for coming in first: this is not a race, but a vacation of great riding tempered with a respectful relationship with the road. 


The third "S" word is for situational awareness. Weather, traffic, sight distances, view corridors and surface conditions change throughout the day, and according to conditions. Motomarathoners are prepared for anything and the Great Smoky Motomarathon should be a good event with which to apply this approach to long-distance sport riding.


Fall color watch update: Wayne says the color is mostly past at the high elevations but is great down lower. 


The Great Smoky Motomarathon begins at Eurosport Asheville on Friday, Oc. 26th, at 8:00 p.m. when we will hold our first riders' meeting at Eurosport Asheville, 30 Bryson Street, Asheville, NC. Come a little early to register and to get a refreshment, provided by Eurosport Asheville, sponsor of this event. If you can't make it out Friday night, join us Saturday morning at Eurosport Asheville by 8:00 a.m. for informal riders' meetings and to ride out with Wayne Busch.   The first 30 riders to show up at registration at Eurosport Asheville will receive four different America Rides Maps of the areas we will be riding in during the Great Smoky Motomarathon. Ride one day or ride them all: any checkpoints you receive will be listed on our website in the event, annual and lifetime standings. 





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