After 4 Seasons MM Criteria for Long Distance Sport-Touring is Set

November 27th, 2012 9:27pm - Posted By: John Metzger

 Six years ago, Motorcyclist Editor Brian Catterson wrote about our first Motomarathon Super Beta Recon Ride in Colorado. After about a quarter century of ‘R&D” before that, and now with four official seasons under the belt, we think the MM format has captured the essence of endurance sport-touring, as described in the news release below.

* Our first international event will highlight the 2013 season. Sign up NOW for the Ayres-Pyrenees Motomarathon set for May 4-15 at http://www.ayresadventures.com/Europe_Pyrenees.aspx

* Yes, it’s getting colder, but in the interest of staying in tip-top endurance riding shape, we’ll be running un-official training runs, attempting to reach the 8,000-foot Peak-to-Peak Highway every calendar month. Mark your calendars for noon on the first of each month, and meet at Amante Coffee, 4580 North Broadway in Boulder. We’ll start this Saturday – weather and schedules permitting, everyone’s on their own.

* In the meantime, please “LIKE” us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Motomarathon.

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