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2023 Motomarathon - Central New England
Thank you for your registration!


 $100 fee must be paid prior to or on day one of event. All riders will be required to sign a liability waiver at the event location prior to starting day one. 


If you ride two-up, only one registration fee is necessary. You can ride the entire event, any number of days, or just bag one checkpoint on one day to contribute to your standings. You can sign up 'at the door' with cash or check, but we appreciate knowing beforehand how many people will be participating in each Motomarathon. For early registration payment please venmo @ motomarathon or send check to:


Motomarathon Association 

30 McKinley Pl 

West Milford NJ, 07480


Participants are responsible for their own accommodations, meals, gas, etc. 

Riders are assigned a position in the Motomarathon Association’s lifetime standings section according to their total checkpoint accumulation. We also have an annual photo contest!


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