The essence of motorcycle sport-touring…

The Motomarathon Association has originated a criteria for long-distance, multi-day sport-touring.  The four-day format is designed for highly experienced riders who seek the twistiest roads and greatest scenery aboard today's new breed of high-performance motorcycles (but all motorcycle styles and vintages are welcome).

Carefully planned routes are kept secret until the evening before each day's ride. Riders have 24 hours to complete the route between stop/start points, using digital or cell phone cameras to photograph their assigned badge numbers with designated landmarks -- checkpoints -- in the background. Motomarathon Association officials will verify and record completed checkpoints at the end of each day, and will maintain Event, Annual and Lifetime standings of total accumulated checkpoints on the Motomarathon website. Riders can earn credit for any and all checkpoints they achieve within any and all days of any official event.
Though the Motomarathon Association standings are based on number of accumulated checkpoints, routes are designed with the minimum amount of checkpoints possible. The sole objective of each check is to prove that each rider completed the route, without taking any shortcuts.

The Motomarathon Association's annual series of organized rides provides the most challenging routes in the country, giving members the chance to share the camaraderie surrounding the best experience in motorcycle sport-touring. Events are designed to be as automated and self-regulated as possible. There is a basic $100 fee per rider per event, and a signed release waiver is all that is required. Unless otherwise specified, riders are responsible for their own bike/gear/camera, make their own hotel arrangements, take care of their own meals, carry their own tools and luggage, and rely on themselves or the kindness of others if they get lost or run into mechanical problems.

Motomarathons are endurance rides on public roads. Barring mechanical, navigational or weather challenges, there is always enough time to complete any Motomarathon within posted speed limits, and with plenty of time for sightseeing and leisurely lunches. Participants must ride safely, adhering to all traffic regulations, and wear helmets and protective clothing.

The Motomarathon Association is not responsible for any damages, and as individuals are participating at their own risk.

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